[ubuntu-za] ADSL Traffic

Johan Mynhardt johanmynhardt at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 09:54:20 GMT 2010

On 01/02/2010 11:47, Bill Cairns wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I have a 3 Gig contract with Telkom which should surely be enough for
> the internet stuff that I do. But I regularly exceed that cap.
> Something is obviously chowing my bandwidth while I am not watching.
> It could be something on my 08.04 Ubuntu box, but of course it is just
> as likely to be one of the two XP machines or the one Vista machine
> that is the culprit. Of the Windows machines, only the Vista machine
> runs regularly, the XP machines are notebooks which are used far less
> often.
> But, starting at the beginning, is there a program that I can run on
> by 08.04 Ubuntu machine that I can use to see if there is anything
> behind the scenes who is downloading things while I am not watching?
> Searching for "Monitor network traffic"  on synaptic gives quite a few
> candidates (perhaps MRTG looks the most promising but also looks the
> most complicated). Advice?
> Also (off into a dreadful topic I know) any advice on what I could use
> on XP and Vista?
> Lastly, any suggestions about who can be stealing all that bandwidth?
> (My wireless connection is enabled but password protected. I live in a
> retirement centre and doubt anyone here has hacked into my router but
> I suppose it is possible!)
> Bill

Hi Bill, one of my favourite tools is iftop (in the terminal). It shows 
you where data is coming from/going to. It does not show you a lot of 
detail, but it shows you the hostname of the other end-point so you will 
have an idea where it's going to. This should be just one of the many 
tools to use, but mostly I need only that one to know where my data goes.


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