[ubuntu-za] Nautilus Desktop frozen

David Robert Lewis (ethnopunk) ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Mon Feb 1 09:16:29 GMT 2010

Wesley Werner wrote:
> /scanner: _unterminated_ string constant - e.g. `style'/
> That usually means the config file (.gtkrcxx as shown in error) has a 
> missing quote, a string value hasn't been closed off.
> Snip

I Wesley, thanks for pointing this out to me, I guess there were some 
minor things which were not working as they should on my system (9.10 

I've fixed the .gtkrcxx file which sets the menu delay, no bigger deal, 
you just create the file with gedit. Now the error message is gone but 
nautilus still not responding. I've also removed Google Desktop Linux ie 
gdl whose indexer was segfaulting and which was being logged in syslog.

But both problems seem completely unrelated to the nautilus problem. 
Still stumped as to why nautilus is frozen.



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