frans dormakorp at vodamail.co.za
Mon Dec 20 12:46:33 GMT 2010

also make sure were thunderbird are expecting to find the profile 
folder, i had my thunderbird folder on my windows partition but used it 
in linux also with a link to the folder, changed the  thunderbird 
profile file and it worked... if the windows partition was not mounted i 
got a similar error as you stating that thunderbird is runing allready.

On 10/12/20 11:08 AM, helge.reikeras at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi Vince
> Run 'pkill -9 thunderbird' in a terminal. Then start Thunderbird again 
> and it should be fine.
> - Helge
> On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 10:51 AM, vincent <bullet at ballmail.co.za 
> <mailto:bullet at ballmail.co.za>> wrote:
>     I'm having a problem with Thunderbird in that I backed up my home
>     directory on the desktop and then restored it on my netbook. All works
>     fine and all files were restored.
>     However I keep getting a message advising me that Thunderbird is
>     already
>     open & needs to be closed.
>     On the desktop Thunderbird works fine.
>     What have I done wrong & how can I fix it without a re-install?
>     Vince
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