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Sat Apr 24 17:43:10 BST 2010

Wesley Werner wrote:
>     I've only got the XP version that came with the computer which I
>     believe
>     is not the same as a separate disk and can't do the fixmbr function.
>     I don't want to fiddle and wipe everything off - You've guessed it, no
>     recent back ups on XP.
>     Will the repair installation option correct the "corrupt version"
>     problem or am I looking at a complete re-install of XP?
>     Vincent
> Hi Vincent. You don't have to reinstall XP, if the files are still 
> intact. Now I see plenty of suggestions here to reinstall Grub, have 
> you tried this? 
> I suggest don't bother with the XP repair console, since you don't 
> have a XP boot CD anyway. Just reinstall Grub, let it detect all 
> bootable partitions and it will rewrite your boot menu. Instructions 
> for doing this via an Ubuntu Live CD on the Ubuntu help site 
> <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20GRUB%202>.
Hi Wesley,
Sorry for the slow response, but work issues have kept me away from my 
OS problems. Yes I have tried reinstalling grub and it does just as you 
say, including XP in the menu, but it still gives me the error call & 
cannot boot XP.

I suspect that on one of my many attempts to re install, I selected the 
boot side by side option, 10.04, 8.04 & XP.
Ubuntu then re partitioned my hard drive & a primary partition was 
reduced to about 6Mb, this right next to the XP partition.
Possibly, in doing this its taken some data out of the XP section. The 
MBR, which I think is at the end of the partition?

I can access in the short term, some of the more important work related 
programs via wine, but obviously, this is not ideal.

I'll also download a boot disk with fdisk on as suggested by Lee and 
hopefully recover  the boot loader &MBR.

Many thanks to you and Lee for your help & advice.I'll keep you posted 
as to my progress.


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