[ubuntu-za] Lucid crashing badly

Gavin netmatters at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 14:56:32 BST 2010

On 21 April 2010 15:32, Lee Sharp <leesharp at hal-pc.org> wrote:
> Ever since upgrading to that kernel, I can not boot my laptop.  I am
> only running on the old kernel (which you do not have) right now.  With
> me, no ssh and raising elephants doesn't help.  However, it is during
> startup so I am not sure those services are started...

Hmmm... It sounds like your issue is unrelated to mine.

Thanks to the info provided by Stefano, I think I may have narrowed my
issue down to a bug in xserver-xorg-video-ati from a commit that was
done on the 10th of April.

The bug is still unresolved but the workaround in the mean time is to
use the fglrx propriety drivers, which I have been running for a few
hours now without any crashes.

In case anyone else is interested the bug that I 'think' relates to my
issue is posted here:-


Thanks to all that helped!!

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