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> Hi Vincent,
> On Wed, 14 Apr 2010 08:39:05 +0200, bullet at ballmail.co.za wrote:
> [e-mail snipped even more for brevity]
> Depending on how much RAM you have, you might want to investigate
> installing VirtualBox, and installing Windows inside that. You should be
> able to access all your Windows files from within Linux, in which case you
> can backup all the important files, and then install XP into VirtualBox,
> and then transfer the files back into XP in VirtualBox.
> Hope this helps,

I have to agree with Raoul - running VirtualBox on my Linux box changed my
world. Now I can boot up Windows when I need it and even run Win98 or DOS 6
when required (I still have those disks, ha!) without any boot issues. It
also makes it easy to "check out" something as I simply boot up a clone of a
virtual machine, try the new software patch and see what happens. So I run
Linux on Linux - it makes for a safer software testing environment and I can
have several virtual machines, all set up for specific tasks, that I start
when required.

Go for VirtualBox or something similiar.


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