[ubuntu-za] Documentation

Bill Cairns cairnsww at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 18:53:28 BST 2010

I am still confused. I download a package off synaptic and am careful
to download the documentation too. The package is there ok - but
where. oh where, is the documentation?


At the moment I am playing with Glade (with Python) and am enjoying it
a lot. There are some nice tutorials that have helped me get past the
first fumblings. But now I have reached the stage when I want some
hard documentation to help me past the first 'cut and paste and forget
the details" level. I want a manual, not a tutorial. (I would settle
for a tutorial that went past the very basics and was written for a
Python user!)

I went back to Synaptic and downloaded everything that said it was
Glade documentation. So, somewhere on my computer, I have downloaded a
stack of Glade documentation. How do I get to it and use it?

Confused Bill

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