[ubuntu-za] Gauteng Release Party

Walter Leibbrandt walter at translate.org.za
Wed Apr 7 16:11:01 BST 2010

Op 07/04/2010 15:54, Corrie Strydom het geskryf:
> Lets get the ball rolling for the Lucid Lynx release party in Gauteng,
> I'll keep this mail short.
> Should Pretoria and JHB combine again? Any suggestions for the venue?
We really don't want the Jo'burg people to feel that they can't host 
their own party. It has just been the case for last two release parties 
(at least) that there was not enough interest from Jo'burg to host a 
separate party. What say you, Jo'burgers?

> What else could we do to invite and make more newbies feel welcome?
> I suggest inviting some new people, especially the new people on IRC and
> mailing list.
Good idea. What I saw happening last year was that the news really 
spread to people who don't have any connection to (or even knowledge of) 
Ubuntu ZA, the mailing list and/or our IRC presence. I guess what I'm 
saying is that we will see the effect if we start spreading the word far 
and wide.

> I'll download the ISO's once they are released, if someone else could
> also do this as well.
> Walter said he would organize repositories again, 32 and 64bit (thanks
> Walter)
> Please bring empty DVDs/CD's to "share the love".
For the Karmic release we had a whole bunch of volunteers who wrote 
various ISOs (and combinations of ISOs) to CDs/DVDs that they sponsored. 
This allowed the people who just heard about the party to rock up and 
still leave with a copy (or 5 different flavours) of Ubuntu. It was also 
a great example of the Open Source spirit of giving. Maybe we should do 
that again?

I'll try and have at least 2 copies of the repositories available to 
copy from again. Are there 2 people who would be willing to bring their 
(proper) laptops along to do the actual copying? Experience has shown 
that a (my) itty bitty netbook is not the most efficient way to get the 
job done in a timely fashion.

How possible would it be to get a few flyers printed containing basic 
information about Ubuntu (ZA) and where to get help/information. This 
could be a great image booster for noobs. Not only the people new to 
Ubuntu, but also those who are having their first Linux/Open Source 

Depending on the venue and facilities, maybe we can do more this time 
around, like have a live installation demo or some other talk. What do 
you guys think?

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