[ubuntu-za] Encrypted Filesystem Question

Quintin van Rooyen quintin.vanrooyen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 10:43:46 BST 2009

Hey List!

Recently a laptop of mine borked and took my encrypted home directory with
it. ( I forgot the passphrase :( )
After googling and tooling around I found a way to recover the passphrase
(so much for security) and managed to successfully mount the encrypted
partition with ecryptfs-tools.

After mounting it and entering it's passphrase lo and behold I got my files

One snag though - all my file- and foldernames are still encrypted.

I have mounted the drive with both "enable filename encryption) 'yes' and
'no' and same result.

I can open files, view images etc, but what I am really after are my
e-mails, and color me pink if I can figure out which one of
ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.ialkajdslfkjawoeifaljbdva etc is my .evolution.

Using Jaunty

Any Ideas?

Quintin van Rooyen
quintin.vanrooyen at gmail.com
The New SA Geek!
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