[ubuntu-za] Sa computer olympiad

Ewald Horn ewaldhorn at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 15:14:56 BST 2009


I'm a professional developer and a former teacher / lecturer and I
have to agree : Python is quite a nice and easy language to use to
teach the fundamentals of loops and structures. Once past that, and
interested in more challenges, students can easily be "migrated" to
OOP languages like C++ and Java, having basic knowledge of program
structure and flow.

An experienced programmer can use almost any language to solve a
problem, depending on the required solution. A scripting language has
it's place, as does an interpreted language as does (gasp) machine

I think it's fantastic that Python gets some exposure, as it makes
programming accessible to different individuals. Remember that there
are different kinds of programmers, some like working on technical
aspects like compiler or interpreter creation, and others like working
with languages like Python or Java to create user-orientated
solutions. Competitions and prizes like this make more people take an
interest in IT in general, something that is desperately lacking in
our country.

We should encourage ANY interest in development, and my hat goes off
to anyone willing to invest time and effort in encouraging the youth
to gain more computer skill. We need all the IT skills we can find in
South Africa if we wish to be competitive in the global industry.

My cent's worth.

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