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Walter Leibbrandt walter+ubuntuza at translate.org.za
Wed Sep 30 13:51:11 BST 2009

Op 30/09/2009 12:23, Hilton Theunissen het geskryf:
> So this story is really exciting.
>> http://www.it-online.co.za/content/view/1391339/142/
> Now the question is really, Is the results so overwhelming because they
> used Python instead of Delphi, VB, Java,etc?
> Then 2nd question is that Python is not taught or recognised a
> programming language by the National Department of Education. If it
> contributed to better learner software development skills, then why not?

IMHO *if* Python contributed to their performance (and that's a big 
"if") it does not necessarily mean that Python would make a good 
teaching language. Those students most likely had a very good 
understanding of programming before learning and using Python.

Python is certainly my favorite language for most uses, but it is a 
little... different. That makes it less ideal for teaching programming 
fundamentals. This can be discussed at length, so let me know if you 
would like me to ellaborate. :)

Very interesting, nonetheless.

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