[ubuntu-za] Cellphone modem + LAN

Mark Stockton mark at linuxworx.co.za
Tue Sep 29 14:08:51 BST 2009

I would suggest some routing by network subnet. My /etc/network/interfaces
file as entries to route local traffic via the LAN. For example: 

up route add -net gw dev eth0 

Where the subnet contains SAP servers on our WAN backbone and is the network router. 

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> Hi Guys
> Thanks for helping with apt-cacher.  Now for an even more difficult
> question:
> My laptop is connected to the LAN (via cable) and I'm using my cellphone
> to connect to the internet for now.  The plan is that apt-cacher can 
> use my cellphone to get some special updates, while the new pc's on the
> network can connect to my laptop through the LAN.
> I can connect to the Internet using my cellphone (via usb/rndis) as long
> as I'm unplugged from my Lan.  As soon as I plug in the LAN cable, 
> all internet traffic appears to be routed through the LAN instead 
> and fails, even though the cellphone is still connected to the Internet.
> Is there a way to overcome this?
> Charl
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