[ubuntu-za] where is my gpg fingerprint?

Gavin netmatters at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 11:37:28 BST 2009

2009/9/24 David Robert Lewis <ethnopunk at telkomsa.net>:
> Comrades,
> I want to sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. Instructions at the site ask
> for a gpg fingerprint and suggest the following command:
> gpg --fingerprint
> But all I get is a bunch of fingerprints for ppas, none of which is
> mine. Anybody know the correct code for printing ones gpg fingerprint?

Hi David,

Prior to you being able to get your gpg fingerprint you first need to
create a public/private key-pair.

This can be done using the following app:-
Applications>Accessories>Passwords and Encryption Keys, or just via
the cli method of ssh-keygen.

Once your key has been created you will see it in the output of the
gpg --fingerprint command.

To be specific you can run it as $ gpg --fingerprint <Key owner name>.
| grep fingerprint

Like so:-

gavin at xl-otm:~$ gpg --fingerprint Gavin McDougall | grep fingerprint
      Key fingerprint = 4E3A 1DFD 0EB7 4D15 8353  76A2 DF2B D8CA 99FE 41B4



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