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Quintin Beukes quintin at last.za.net
Wed Sep 23 14:57:45 BST 2009


You don't get uC Ubuntu kernels. The most supported Linux on
microdevices is uCLinux, and even it won't work. The phone's hardware
is highly customized, and the O/S is configured for that model alone.
You can't even install another symbian on that phone.

Besides, Symbian is much smaller than the Linux kernel. You need about
2MB of flash memory at minimum to run a bare bone Linux, with no
screen support. Only the binutils package, /bin/sh, serial IO and
networking (not even route, just ifconfig). It's very empty. You might
be able to store it on the external flash memory and use something
like uBoot to boot a phone, but like I mentioned there is no Linux
port for those processors. The ARM processor is a popular uC
architecture for running Linux on microdevices.

Quintin Beukes

On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 3:46 PM, Greg Eames <geames at lantic.net> wrote:
> I have a Nokia 9300i.
> I want to know if it is possible to remove the Symbian and install a version
> of ubuntu.
> Any thoughts or help appreciated.
> Cheers
> Greg
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