vincent bullet at ballmail.co.za
Wed Sep 16 22:29:14 BST 2009

On Wednesday 16 September 2009 17:36:09 Lee Sharp wrote:
> Oh, no!  \etc will be very different between version, including
> different packages. (Consider the differences in rc*.d)  And \var will
> make for some unintelligible logs...

Thanks Charl, Lee, Russel for your advice & input.

Guess I'll stay with 8.04 until the next LTS - can't afford to mess with 
things on a system that runs my business.

My problem now is how do I get the 9.04 files out of my system, because every 
time I try to update 8.04 I get asked for the 9.04 disk in order to upgrade? 
Resulting in not being able to update my system.

I have formatted the partition that 9.04 was installed on but there are still 
files in synaptic for upgrade.

Would this mean a total re-install of 8.04? Hope not?


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