vincent bullet at ballmail.co.za
Wed Sep 16 09:42:27 BST 2009

Hi All,
Hoping somebody can help here.

I would like to create separate partitions on my hard disk in order to have 
two versions of ubuntu running, 8.04 & 9.04.

My thinking is, if I create two partitions of 10GB's each & place 8.04 & 9.04 
in each of them & create partitions for usr, etc & var in addition to my 
existing /root, /home & swap partitions, then both distros will be able to 
read info in these partitions - I can't connect 9.04 to a 3G USB stick but 
8.04 works just fine, so I need to let 9.04 have access to these files for 
the dependencies.

My question is, do I need to create partitions for all three or is this not a 
workable solution?

Any help will be appreciated.

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