[ubuntu-za] Netbooks

Charl Wentzel charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za
Tue Sep 15 21:59:18 BST 2009

On Tue, 2009-09-15 at 17:43 +0200, Vijay Makanjee wrote:
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> > On 04/08/2009 09:39, Charl Wentzel wrote...:
> >> > The three main contenders everybody seems to be writing about is the
> >> > Acer Asphire One, Asus EEE PC and MS Wind.  I see the Asphire One (with
> >> > Limpus, 1.GHz Atom, 500MB RAM) is now selling for R2,000 at
> >> > Incredible.
> >> >
> >> > Any views or comments on these netbooks?  Any better alternatives to
> >> > suggest?  Recommended minimum specifications for RAM and Flash?
> >> >
> >> > It also seems that Ubuntu Netbook Remix can be installed on them (if it
> >> > doesn't come with it already!).
> >> >
> >> > Would love to hear some user commentary.
> I am about to aquire one of these netbooks.
> Thus far those that grab my attention are the Acer Apire One (10.1"
> screen; 1gb RAM; 160gb HDD etc); the HP/compaq Mini (same specs as
> Acer). Retail prices are around R4000.
> Any last minute advice on these two.
> Vijay

As far as I know the processor on the one I have is the same, but it
only has 512MB RAM and 8 GB flash.  It performs pretty good.  I can only
imagine what double the RAM would do.

One thing to consider is the screen card.  If you want to run Compiz,
you better check the Compiz black list.  The Intel card  on the one I've
got (I think its the GM950), is not supported.

Other than that I'm quite happy.  Just don't expect Quad-core


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