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On Monday 31 August 2009 16:03:57 William Walter Kinghorn wrote:
> Hi Vincent,
> If you still want to use Brasero, then
> Click on "Burn Image" on the left
> Click on "Click here to select an image"
> locate your image
> You need to have the blank already in the drive
> Click Burn, now wait until CD/DVD is burned
> Now try booting from it
> I also think that if the ISO is for a CD then use a CD, not a DVD
> I use both K3b and Gnomebaker, but have tried Brasero
> William
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> On Monday 31 August 2009 15:08:18 vincent wrote:
> > To answer your first question, yes, I burnt it to a DVD. It would seem as
> > if I've copied the iso image, because when I try & open the DVD, it keeps
> > opening Brasero in order to burn the image.
> > There are no files to open on the disk. How do I go about doing this
> > correctly?
> It does look like you copied to .iso file to the DVD. What you need to do
> is to burn the image file to a DVD.
> I use Kubuntu/K3b and it has an option to 'Burn DVD ISO image'. There
> should be a similar option in Brasero - you will need to specify the
> location of the iso file (where you saved it after downloading) and you
> will need a blank DVD.
> Regards,
> Vincent
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Hi All,

This is just an update on my problem & a big thank you to all the kind folk 
who gave me help & advice.

It appears that my original download of the gparted file was incomplete & on 
downloading again yesterday a full 100MB file was received instead of the 
original 95MB. Obviously vital missing files stopped the burning operation.

Brassero kept telling me that the checksums did not match & in my ignorance I 
didn't realize what this meant. However, on using K3B, it spoke to me in 
simple language that I understood & the penny dropped. hence the new download 
& a perfect live CD burnt.

Once again, thanks for all the help!

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