[ubuntu-za] Problem 9.10 Ubuntu Software Center

Tim Johnson tim at pteq.net
Sat Oct 31 22:14:16 GMT 2009

Bruno, click the yellow arrow to the right of the app name and you should  
get an "Install" link.

On Sat, 31 Oct 2009 22:18:16 +0200, Bruno Marques <bruno at tropical.co.mz>  

> hello all...
> ive finally done my first install of the 9.10 karmic on a friends pc..
> but i have rather big problem..
> the pc works fine, everything does what its supposed to do, i can browse
> the web and etc.
> but... when i try to go and download for example the codecs for mp3, or
> a new music player from the new "ubuntu software center" , i click on
> the program i want, and it shows a page inside the USC displaying the
> name of the current program, underneath it says "Not available in the
> current data"
> license : open source
> price: free
> and no download link or button, or nothing..
> what does the not available in the current data mean?
> my time settings on the machine are fine aswell...
> many thanks in advance
> regards
> Bruno Marques

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