[ubuntu-za] Problem 9.10 Ubuntu Software Center

Bruno Marques bruno at tropical.co.mz
Sat Oct 31 20:18:16 GMT 2009

hello all...
ive finally done my first install of the 9.10 karmic on a friends pc..

but i have rather big problem..

the pc works fine, everything does what its supposed to do, i can browse 
the web and etc.

but... when i try to go and download for example the codecs for mp3, or 
a new music player from the new "ubuntu software center" , i click on 
the program i want, and it shows a page inside the USC displaying the 
name of the current program, underneath it says "Not available in the 
current data"
license : open source
price: free

and no download link or button, or nothing..

what does the not available in the current data mean?

my time settings on the machine are fine aswell...

many thanks in advance


Bruno Marques

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