[ubuntu-za] Problem installing Ubuntu 9.10

Tim Johnson tim at pteq.net
Sat Oct 31 09:34:28 GMT 2009

Jason,can you give me a quick HowTo to install the latest nvidia driver  
(v190) in Karmic?

On Sat, 31 Oct 2009 11:01:42 +0200, Jason Plank <plank.jason at gmail.com>  

> Hi Guys
> Sorry for top posting
> I managed to fix the problem. I had to go into recovery mode and from  
> the shell setup my neotel connection and update apt and get the latest  
> nvidia drivers and activate it. Then it just worked no hassles. It look  
> like the default display driver doesn't like the nvidia 7600 gs card :-)
> Thanks for all the suggestions
> Jason
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> Jason Plank wrote:
>> Hi guys
>> I hope someone can help me out. A friend of mine downloaded the 32bit
>> iso for me and I burned a copy tonight. The livecd works fine on my
>> friends pc. I tried to install via Wubi and also run the livecd on my
>> system, but I get a weird error. It get's to the part where it should
>> load gdm, then it just stays at the text and the screen just flickers.
>> I really don't know what to look for as I haven't had a problem like
>> this before and 9.04 worked flawlessly. My PC is AMD Athlon 64 bit, 2
>> gig RAM and 256Mb nvidia 7600gs. Any help would really be appreciated.
> Your "failsafe gnome" is failing. You can try some video boot options.
> You can also try the alt-instal cd to upgrade, or install, and vix the
> video after. It will work with that card, but it is not working with it
> now.
> Lee

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