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ewaldhorn at gmail.com ewaldhorn at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 21:48:10 GMT 2009

Oh my hat! I love Java for web apps and desktop apps - but I do miss C++. I'm so jealous of you Charl!

It sounds like I'm the only Ubuntu user that actually likes working in Java! Plus I am the only Java developer that insists on NetBeans, talk about being difficult...

Perhaps it is a good time to dust of my pointer logic and get back into C++ and do some "real" coding instead of just pushing objects around. Now I miss console development and waiting three hours for a build to bomb out because I forgot to close a bracket... Those were the days when VB was NOT considered a real skill or programming language and programmers were actually appreciated. 

GWT is great, but as noted it lacks a great deal of speed. I haven't done a speed comparison on Chrome and Safari though, that would be interesting. Both browsers seem to excel at Javascript, quite a bit faster than Firefox and the evil eye.

Anyone have any Ruby experience? I've heard interesting things about it for web apps but have not devoted any time to it at all. Only reason I ask is that it is supported by a few web hosting companies and is not as expensive (relative I know) to host as Java web apps. 

Best regards

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