[ubuntu-za] Web development

Charl Wentzel charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za
Fri Oct 30 21:29:34 GMT 2009

> I never got to see it, but the front page loaded
> >> amazingly fast.  Something websites just don't do anymore!  Any chance
> >> of seeing your dev kit? :)
> >>
> > Well, you can always use the tools Google use.
> > 
> Well, GWT works, and is easy...  But "fast" is not a thing it is 
> burdened with...  The thing that struck me was that the site looks good, 
> and instantly!  Loaded fast, and scrolled clean, as opposed to say... 
> slashdot, which loads slow, and scrolls badly.

This is also my view, but simply because I mainly work on embedded
systems with single core 200-500Mhz ARM/xscale processors.  My whole
design is geared towards speed for that reason.  

GWT, Python, Java, etc are all great, but they are on the slow side for
my applications.  It's mostly hard-core C++ (with a little PHP) for me,
it's a "sacrifice" I have to make. :-)  Fortunately, not everybody
"suffers" from my condition.  I guess its a matter of horses for courses


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