[ubuntu-za] Netbooks, Android etc

Vijay Makanjee vijay at ergo.co.za
Thu Oct 29 08:44:12 GMT 2009


well...I have finally done it.

Recently acquired a MSI N280 netbook as well as an HTC magic phone.

On the MSI, I killed MS Windows and put in Ubuntu 9.04. Everything just
works. BUT I still need to try the webcam. Will be installing 9.10 in
the next day or so

On the HTC, everything just works. If anything my problem is linking the
calender to my thunderbird lightning calender WITHOUT going onto the
internet and doing a sync via google calender. So my wishlist there is
for someone to do an application that will let me directly sync my
laptop calender with the phone.

But all in all both work very well.


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