[ubuntu-za] To virtualise or not to virtualise

Matthew French matthew at gillyweed.co.za
Wed Oct 28 07:19:17 GMT 2009

Charl Wentzel asked:
> One more thing.  How should one partition in this case?  I'm planning on
> using LVM to make things flexible, but which partitions are required?
> I'm thinking at least the following:
> 1. Base installation
> 2. Virtual machine images.
> 3. SAMBA

I would have a small mirrored partition (4Gb?) for the base operating
system, and then use LVM for the rest.

My preferred configuration is to have several RAID1 partitions on the
physical server. I then add all the raid sets to a single LVM volume group
which basically creates a RAID10.

Another useful trick is that you can point KVM at physical devices instead
of files. So each server can have its own LVM partitions. Although
personally I tend to keep the root and swap images as files, but manage
the application drives/partitions via LVM.

I would probably point the Windows VM's at a raw LVM partition as well.

But with LVM you can change as you need to, so it really is a question of


- Matthew

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