[ubuntu-za] Karma vs Windows 7

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 18:44:22 GMT 2009

Adrianna wrote:

> People who use their computer for a very limited range of
>tasks, and follow instructions that you wrote down for them every
>time, can probably be switched to a different OS with the least drama.
> Just change the written-down instructions.

I am also concerned by the hit-and-run approach (just an expression).
A few years ago I did an introduction to Linux for 300 students and
staff using SuSE before Microsoft got involved.
Also before Ubuntu existed. I was passionate. But now I regret not
being patient. SuSE became Opensuse and Ubuntu was released.
I now support Ubuntu on campus and feel I have let down those whose
first experience was SuSE. They have no support at all now.

So I created the Maties Ubuntu help wiki. The idea being to assist
those with initiative to find help and learn to find help for
I am committed to the persistent existence of the wiki. Here is the
link: http://ubuntu.sun.ac.za

By watching new users, use the wiki over the years it has distilled
into it's present form.

I lost a lot of new users in the early days, but now they stay. They
are not many but they stay now because they know the wiki is there.
They also learn gradually that help is part of the Linux landscape
which is the opposite of the other OS's. Who here has not heard of the
Microsoft help jokes ?
They may be jokes, but new users expect that level of help
documentation from Linux. That is why I try to make the wiki help
pages useful and not bloated.
Short, sharp and to the point.

That is my 2c and experience.

How do you eat an elephant ? One bite at a time !



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