[ubuntu-za] Karma vs Windows 7

William Walter Kinghorn williamk at dut.ac.za
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Hi All,

I have not read all the posts, but here is my observation

some of our problems with converting people from MS Win are

1. Familiarity : They already know MS Win, all they need now is learn the new GUI, and then they are back to where they were before, Ubuntu's GUI is different
2. Does not run MS Office, OpenOffice is not MS Office. People make excuses like, OpenOffice is slow, Does not have a feature, even though they don't use that feature, but someone ( who does not use Ubuntu/Linux ) told them about that feature
3. Does not run games, you and I know that it does run lots of games, including some via wine, but someone ( who does not use Ubuntu/Linux ) told them that Linux does not play games

There are other reasons, before we start to do an ad, lets put up a page on the wiki, listing reasons ( excuses ) that people have given for not even looking at Ubuntu/Linux

Then deal with each of them them

Then choose the "best" ones to use in an ad campaign, than not only advertises Ubuntu/Linux, but also dispels some myths

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Windows 7 to tell the truth doesn't look like much of an advance when
compared to the latest Ubuntu desktop. Problem, is a lot of people will
be confronted with the inevitable - Should we upgrade? - issue. So my
question to the Ubuntu community is how can we generate some guerrilla
advertising to promote Ubuntu as a contender in the upgrade battle?

Is it too late to make an appeal for home-made "I love Ubuntu" videos? I
know linux foundation had a competition earlier this year, and it would
be nice to see some advert slots out there, instead of overly complex,
preaching to the converted press releases touting the geekier element.

Love, Live, Ubuntu

Perhaps a local ZA-Ubuntu competition?

First prize, dinner with Jonathan Carter, hahaha, sorry Jonothan.



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