[ubuntu-za] Karma vs Windows 7

Quintin Beukes quintin at last.za.net
Sun Oct 25 19:42:15 GMT 2009

On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 5:40 PM, David Robert Lewis (ethnopunk)
<ethnopunk at telkomsa.net> wrote:
> Yes, you right. One would need two completely different ad campaigns. I
> think I'm probably reacting to a sense that Ubuntu is being targeted at
> business while home user is getting left out of the picture. But home
> users are the business owners of the future, so it makes sense to stick
> with the core group of people who are likely to switch when they realise
> Windows is too much of a bother, too expensive, too much of a corporate
> identity.

This is true :/  I tend to leave the home user out of the picture. I
develop software, so 99% of the my time is spent thinking of business
requirements. I guess it's a side effect of this.


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