[ubuntu-za] Karma vs Windows 7

Raoul Snyman raoul.snyman at saturnlaboratories.co.za
Sun Oct 25 16:02:09 GMT 2009

On Sunday 25 October 2009 15:56:42 David Robert Lewis (ethnopunk) wrote:
> To tell you the truth, I don't think cost is the issue in Windows
> upgrades. Sure its a factor, but telling Windows converts that Ubuntu is
> FOSS is like telling them, its Linux. There is a major perception
> problem, based on real issues to do with Linux being "too complicated"
> or "too geeky". Windows is selling itself as

No. It's amongst your IT friends that the above perception exists. Most 
"ordinary" people have never heard of Linux/Ubuntu.

And it's not "Karma" it's "Karmic"

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