[ubuntu-za] Karma vs Windows 7

Quintin Beukes quintin at last.za.net
Sun Oct 25 13:12:54 GMT 2009

If you need any help with wording/phrasing/ad-design/campaign
strategy, I'll be happy to help with it.

Quintin Beukes

On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 3:12 PM, Quintin Beukes <quintin at last.za.net> wrote:
> How about cost-saving campaigns?
> So, instead of someone upgrading from their dreaded-Vista machines
> (something a lot of people want to do, since most think they can't go
> back to XP due to the SATA driver issues), offer them a less costly
> solution of Ubuntu. With this give free training on switching FROM
> Windows TO Ubuntu.
> So the idea would be, if you were to pay R2000 per a Windows 7
> machine. You could pay 40% (or less) for an Ubuntu machine. This
> machine then comes with everything you had on your WIndows machine
> (like office software, e-mail, sharing, etc.). And the price includes
> training.
> Many people are afraid of it, so if you offer training for their staff
> they could even see a bonus, as some of their staff could use training
> in the first place.
> These are just a few suggestions. If you want to make a campaign, you
> need to look at how advertising campaigns work.
> Why does an ad work? What does an ad DO? It tells you how to solve a
> problem. If it's an ad for knives, it tells you how the knives will
> make cutting easier... it solves a problem you have, which is the
> dreaded struggling to cut food.
> So, you need to keep an open mind, and think of how to solve problems.
> Don't tell the people it's better or nicer. Tell them what they want
> to hear, while telling the truth. They want to hear
> a) Save money on
> - i. Ubuntu costs less than Windows
> - ii. No need for expensive Anti virus software
> - iii. No need for expensive Anti spyware software
> - iv. No need for expensive Firewall software
> b) Better productivity
> c) NO virusses/spyware AT ALL, EVER
> d) NO GAMES on their office machines
> e) No Hackers
> And so on. Think like a sales person. But don't lie. And don't focus
> on doing it for free. Try and make money from it. Serious people will
> seriously laugh you off if you tell them it's free. Add a price tag,
> and justify the costs on the fact that it's a "better design",
> perhaps. Instead of paying RX for Windows, RY for antivirus, RZ for
> anti spyware, RV for firewall, RJ for this, and that, so you instead
> pay R(A) for something that was designed well. Use differences to you
> advantage. Windows has an update every now-and-then. Ubuntu has almost
> daily updates. Tell them this is because there are HUGE teams
> constantly working on improving the software.
> Tell them it was developed by a south african. Tell them Mark
> Shuttleworth - the first African in space. Make it sound awesome. Make
> it sound cool. Make it sound like the meaning of life. You can sell
> the anything to anyone if your marketing is done right.
> Finally, after you've sold it - don't leave them at their own fate,
> drowning. Be there for them. Show them OSS is about community and
> making life better. Visit them to see how their transition is going.
> Answer questions, help them out. Suggest some more ways on solving
> OTHER problems they have by using OSS.
> Once enough people experience Linux and OSS, and enough people Love
> it, the rest will come by itself. And every single person counts. Even
> if you just saved ONE person's soul, you did a magnificent job.
> If done right, you will get more people on Linux, and you will can
> even make some money for it. Cover your costs, go buy some KFC, eat
> and then donate the rest into more campaigns.
> Quintin Beukes
> On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 2:30 PM, David Robert Lewis (ethnopunk)
> <ethnopunk at telkomsa.net> wrote:
>> Windows 7 to tell the truth doesn't look like much of an advance when
>> compared to the latest Ubuntu desktop. Problem, is a lot of people will
>> be confronted with the inevitable - Should we upgrade? - issue. So my
>> question to the Ubuntu community is how can we generate some guerrilla
>> advertising to promote Ubuntu as a contender in the upgrade battle?
>> Is it too late to make an appeal for home-made "I love Ubuntu" videos? I
>> know linux foundation had a competition earlier this year, and it would
>> be nice to see some advert slots out there, instead of overly complex,
>> preaching to the converted press releases touting the geekier element.
>> Love, Live, Ubuntu
>> Perhaps a local ZA-Ubuntu competition?
>> First prize, dinner with Jonathan Carter, hahaha, sorry Jonothan.
>> Suggestions?
>> =DRL
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