[ubuntu-za] ubuntu-za co-leader stepping down; election of replacement

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Fri Oct 23 10:48:23 BST 2009


Firstly, thanks to everyone for the incredibly kind feedback, it's much

Simon Cross wrote:
> On a separate note I'd like to encourage people outside the current
> Ubuntu ZA core  to apply. It's probably more important for the
> community to have fresh ideas and fresh people than to have a
> co-leader who can create a patched kernel package.

Yep, I agree and I think that while technical knowledge is always good
to have, it's certainly not a high requirement for a loco team leader,
since very little of the loco lead work is strictly technical.

> I like the idea of periodic leadership changes -- I know from personal
> experience that keeping up enthusiasm and momentum over multiple years
> is quite difficult.  Often it's nice to step back for a bit and let
> someone else lead for awhile (maybe Jonathan will be back as co-leader
> or leader at some point in the distant future :).

I hope that one day I will! I haven't done even 10% of what I wanted to
for our group, but I'm glad that members within our group have taken so
much initiative (ranging from stickers to calenders to package and bug
jams and organising release parties) and have created some nice organic

I agree with periodic leader changes, perhaps it would be a good thing
to rotate at least one leader every one or two years. The co-leader
setup works really great. Most loco teams only have one leader (I nearly
said a "unileader"), which is sometimes tough in terms of handover, etc.
With two of them it's easier for one to step down and another to take
the spot.

Some more clarification of why I'm stepping down, I'm already spread a
bit thin and I'm anticipating lots of travel in North America and Europe
next year for work, so for next year I'll be involved in Ubuntu-ZA when
I'm around and I'll continue doing the hosting, etc and maybe even
completing our website stuff ;), and if I'm around I'll go to any events
that may be taking place and give a hand, so I'm not leaving the group,
but just shedding some responsibility for the good of everyone.


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