[ubuntu-za] Karmic Release Party (Gauteng)

Walter Leibbrandt walter+ubuntuza at translate.org.za
Mon Oct 19 10:01:16 BST 2009

Good morning, Ubuntu-ZA!

It seems that the follow-up meeting on IRC didn't happen. I thought it 
might then be a good idea to have a Gauteng-party-specific thread here. 
This is just to get the discussion/planning started, so feel free to 
give your input and make more suggestions. :)

I'm sure, like last time, we'd want to do a joint Jo'burg/Pretoria 
party. Is that OK with everyone? In that case the more central location 
should probably take precedence. The previous "Karmic Release Parties" 
thread mentioned the Karma Original restaurant in Greenside and Stefan 
mentioned that there is one in Fourways too. Are there any other 
suggestions for venues?

7 November was suggested in the first IRC meeting.

What do you guys think of trying to make this release party very 
newbie-friendly? Even if that just means that we have some 
pre-downloaded docs/pages for them to read, it might help to recruit a 
few new users. :)

As Jonathan mentioned, he brought a ~55GB copy of the entire repository 
with him to the party where it quickly spread. It turns out that it's a 
very handy thing to have. Is there someone who plans to attend this 
party that has access to the bandwidth/TENET that can help us do the 
same for this release party?

Also, does anyone have information about the possibility of obtaining 
some Karmic CDs/DVDs to share with other people?

I'm still not sure where I'm going to get a Kuala costume, though.

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