[ubuntu-za] Drivers for Lexmark printer

David Robert Lewis (ethnopunk) ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Tue Oct 13 18:47:20 BST 2009

Michael Gorven wrote:
> On Monday 12 October 2009 15:15:53 frans wrote:
>> I have a problem optaining drviers for a clients newly aquiered Lexmark 
>> X6530 multifuntion.
>> tried different drivers, Ubuntu forums. but still no luck. any ideas 
>> would be wellcome.
> Lexmark printers are notoriously bad on Linux. I tried to get a very similar 
> model working on Linux without any luck, so I'm afraid that it's probably not 
> going to work. In future try to stick with HP -- their Linux drivers are very 
> good.
> Michael

Had a similar problem with my X2650. Eventually they released a 32bit 
deb driver. I'm on 64bit and haven't managed to get it to work even 
though there was a lot of communication and some by insistence by varous 
people that it could. Short of getting the company to release the source 
code, the only solution is to run Virtualbox and sadly, to boot into a 
VM and an OS which will run the driver natively. Sorry, wish there was a 
better way.

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