[ubuntu-za] Karmic Release Parties

frans dormakorp at vodamail.co.za
Mon Oct 12 14:07:47 BST 2009

The Brandfort Ubuntu users had a lan about two weeks earlier, with one 
windows user,
afterwards he had some questions.

All was Windows games and the windows and linux systems was very 
comparable with speed an detail.
The linux systems did not need any reboots either.

We are planning a bigger lan sometime to spread the word even further.

For the Release party, we'll Get some people together install,  maybe 
have the usual cake,
still trying to organise for a koala  shaped cake here.

I also hope to get some original cd's to distribute between the current 
users, though that would be late for the release party.


Craig A. Adams wrote:
> Hi All,
> 2009/10/9 Ross Addis <lists at revolution.org.za>:
>> I think the idea of celebrating the release of Karmic at Karma, is just
>> so cool we cannot not do it. Its not often that we can get a venue's
>> name to match, in some part, the name of the release. LOL
> Cute. Now who is going to arrive in a Koala suit I wonder?
> C'mon, someone has to.
> Kindest Regards
> Craig A.

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