[ubuntu-za] Audacity

Vincent Williams vincent at capeflats.org.za
Mon Oct 12 15:26:55 BST 2009

On Mon, 2009-10-12 at 12:46 +0200, Trevor Hughes wrote:

> > This will give you a drop down list of input devices, including input
> > and output level controls.
> Might not be so easy. I just wanted to record the sound the computer
> played ie a game soundtrack and could not select the input device -
> that box was missing. I have an Intel HDA sound card on my laptop and
> it could only record from the mic.
> There seems to be lots on google about that missing option - I have
> not been able to record anything yet!
> So if any one has any easy solutions...

Apparently it has to do with the version of PortAudio that it is
compiled with. I installed Audacity via apt-get, which seems to have
sorted out that particular problem, though it does not really make sense
since it uses the same version that is reported as being the latest in

Have a look at Help-->About and click on the Build Information tab. Here
it should report the version of PortAudio. Mine says its v19, but
supposedly that's the version that does not work...

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