[ubuntu-za] Network Manager Ubuntu 9.10

Abrie, Sarina en Arissa Cronje abrie at adept.co.za
Mon Oct 12 14:16:02 BST 2009

I hope I reply correctly. 

If not  - sorry 
If yes - Nice.

I have installed 9.10 Beta yesterday at work ( I like to live on the
edge ;-) ) but I can't save the static ip addresses in Network Manager. 
It crashes repeatedly and when it doesn't crash it doesn't save the
static addresses.
I  need the static addresses to connect to the internet.
I removed network manager and tried to install wicd but when I try to
install wicd I get something about "bad file descriptor" or something
like that.
So I tried to installed a newer version of wicd but  then I got a
dependency problem and when I tried to install the dependency I got the
"bad file descriptor" again.
I tried to install the newer Network manager but I got a dependency

So what can I do? Except  downloading every dependency for the newer
Network manager.
Is there is a work around?

Abrie Cronje
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