[ubuntu-za] Karmic Release Parties

simone at saxonwoldprimary.co.za simone at saxonwoldprimary.co.za
Fri Oct 9 06:48:57 BST 2009

There is a restaurant called Karma in Greenside

Quoting "Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)" <jonathan at ubuntu.com>:

> Hey!
> As many of you are aware, Ubuntu 9.10 is planned for release on 29 October.
> We've had some discussion on the release parties on tonight's IRC
> meeting, we'd like to have as many people involved in this as possible,
> so we're taking the discussion mostly to the list since many people
> can't do IRC due to connectivity or work constraints. We will however
> have a follow-up meeting on IRC next week. If you're planning to attend,
> a poll has been set up to establish the best meeting times for all on
> doodle.com: http://doodle.com/ytsq7mipmt5m3kh7
> Please vote for the times that will be most suitable for you.
> We're proposing 7 November as the date for our release parties. I
> checked for any holidays or anything weird and it doesn't seem like a
> date that will clash with the majority of people.
> With the Jaunty release in Centurion we had an external hard disk with
> the jaunty repositories on it that we shared, it worked quite well and I
> think we should try to do it at all the release parties.
> Also, if there are any creative ideas out there for release parties (not
> as in the ideas on the Windows 7 release party videos please) please
> post them. We could do the usual get-together-for-beer-pizza-burgers
> thing but it would be nice if we can do something a bit different and
> unique. So if you have any thoughts, please through it out there :)
> -Jonathan
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