[ubuntu-za] Microsoft free software ad campaign

Douglas Ulyate dulyate at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 04:56:17 BST 2009

I agree with Johan here.  I show people the benefits of FOSS, and the
rest is up to them.  If they adopt it, great, if not, great for MS and
co., I guess.  



On Fri, 2009-10-09 at 05:45 +0200, Johan Mynhardt wrote:
> The stage where i fight my heart out to make people see that microsoft
> is a bad evil company is long gone. I want to be as blunt as to say
> that no matter how many campaigns, fud (sorry for cap-errors, gmail
> mobile app only lets you have a captal at the start of a line) and
> noise they publish, they already lost the "challenge". Whenever you
> are insecure and someone intrudes into your comfortzone, you
> instinctively "morph" into attack-defence mode. Same goes for them.
> Ever seen a wounded beast? It will fight back as long as it can, until
> it dies unless it has better support. Oh, did i mention that support
> is expensive?
> In the other corner you have the gnu beast. Also wounded every now and
> then by the other ms-beast. The difference? Gnu-beast is a fresh young
> fighter with lots of support and team managers that do their work for
> the love of it, to help, to improve. In that context, "for the love of
> it" means free.
> Don't you enjoy stuff you love more than stuff that you get paid to
> do, but don't like? Same principle here.
> I'm done explaining to people when they ask "but why would someone do
> something for free?". I tried explaining this more than once, but to
> most of them, this does not make sense. I've changed my attitude to
> "ok, here's the thing. Now it's your turn to believe and grab the
> opportunity.".
> On 10/8/09, Andre Rossouw <andre at arnet.co.za> wrote:
> > Hi list.
> >
> > This is the first time I'm mailing the list so apologies if the format is
> > wrong, I'm sending this from my mobile phone.
> >
> > Right, I don't want to alienate people or start a discussion on Ubuntu vs
> > Windows. But I'm sitting in a Microsoft partner meeting (please don't hate
> > me). The presenter is currently talking on piracy, and they are presenting a
> > new marketing campaign aimed at us consumers. One of the ads is a web banner
> > advertising free software, click on the link and it brings up fake errors
> > and warnings... And the message that free software is dangerous. "There is
> > no such thing as free software". Ouch.
> >
> > My problem is that it implies that things like FOSS is bad.
> >
> > Has anybody else been subjected to this presentation yet? If not, I thought
> > I would just warn the community so we can answer questions that may come up
> > about this. Does anyone have resources that we can use to present FOSS and
> > Ubuntu in a positive light that is easy for the end user (average consumer)
> > to latch on to?
> >
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