[ubuntu-za] Microsoft free software ad campaign

Vijay Makanjee vijay at ergo.co.za
Thu Oct 8 20:02:46 BST 2009

Tim Johnson wrote, On 08/10/2009 19:56:
> I just do all presentations, write and send all documents in Open Office,  
> process all images in the GIMP or digiKam and do document layout in  
> scribus.  I play all movies in vlc and music in Songbird.  Those alone  
> answer many questions regarding FOSS and I just mention that they are all  
> free whenever asked about them.
> And of course, I mention that my rock-stable, virus-free, fast but old  
> laptop is running on a totally free OS.

exactly what i do.

> I think that in the long run, Google, software piracy and bloat will do  
> far more damage to Microsoft than the Linux/FOSS sector ever will.

and the benefit is that i am legal and using open source stuff.

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