[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu 9.04

Mark Stockton mark at linuxworx.co.za
Mon Oct 5 08:52:01 BST 2009

I got rid of KNetworkManager on Kubuntu 904 as it was causing all end of
hassles with my laptop. My network configuration is done the old fashioned
way. This solved the second problem.  

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> Two little things that I find a little annoying in Ubuntu 9.04 and 
> the 1st is when I click restart or shutdown I really do not need to 
> be told that this will happen in 60 seconds. I want it done now & if 
> I clicked by mistake that is my problem not Ubuntu. Is there a way 
> to switch this off? The 2nd issue I have is probably Firefox rather 
> than Ubuntu but if Firefox is started before the network link 
> activates it automatically sets Work Offline. I would like it not to 
> do this. How can I configure that?
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