[ubuntu-za] Specs for an Ubuntu PC

Dr. Johan P. Prinsloo biocura at telkomsa.net
Thu Oct 1 16:56:01 BST 2009

Jan Groenewald wrote:
> Hi
> On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 05:06:31PM +0200, Dr. Johan P. Prinsloo wrote:
>> If you were to build yourself a PC to run on Ubuntu, what would be the
>> most ideal specs? :
>> Which mother board, which CPU, which hard drive, which graphics card,
>> which monitor, which dvd writer, which and how much memory, etc?
>> I'd love to hear your response.
> One cannot answer without knowing wWhat would it be for
> and what the budget is.
> Jan
Thanks guys,

The PC will be used primarily for office work, but in tthis particular
case I want to run dual monitors. The idea is to run videos and slide
shows on the one monitor mounted in the waiting area, while the PC with
its own monitor is at the front desk work station.

I do not play PC games, but I do do a lot of graphics, particularly
photo manipulation, and some web designing (no web design software
though) on my PC. The question therefore relates to not only the
particular office dual monitor PC, but in general for work horse PC's as
well , which include quite a bit of graphics work (mostly using GIMP).
All 7 my PC's run Ubuntu only, but for once I would like to build a
Ubuntu-specific PC so I can really enjoy the best of the best.

Thanks for the advice and input from you guys already.

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