[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu & Asterisk

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Tue Nov 3 18:26:36 GMT 2009

Alf Stockton wrote:
> Has someone on this group installed Asterisk PBX on Ubuntu?
> If so, what, if any, were the issues I need to consider?

The repo versions do not work.  With the compiled versions you will have 
upgrade issues.  I have been working on this at work for quite some 
time...  What I have found...

Elastix - Big, it is so big, oh my god it is big.  Did I say big?  Steep 
learning curve.

Askozia - Very easy to set up.  Now learning curve at all!  Missing some 
important features.  Developement is not very active.

Astlinux - Nice features, and light foot print.  Not a very intuitive UI...

pfSense with FreePBX - This looks like where we will go.  I am 
evaluating it now.  Good balance of ease of use with features.  Upgrades 
are fairly simple.  Also includes (actually is) a very secure firewall, 
so leaving it outside the firewall to avoid NAT vs SIP issues is not as 
big a concern.


PS:  Good Luck!  You will need it!

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