[ubuntu-za] Bayside High School Hout Bay, Cape Town

David Mark Bodmer david.bodmer at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 09:10:02 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Ive been helping out with the computers at my old school.
They have a few (7) desktop pc's that have XP on them, but they are
running poorly due to users having admin access.
They just bought a new server computer in the hopes that they can get
each user his own little space to store personal/school/homework
documents in.

But after running short on funding for the operation they found that
server 2003 would cost too much.

I am an MCSE and i know that with the correct software i could set up
this environment for them. But as for Ubuntu im not so sure i have the

So I come to you, asking if maybe there is some way this can all be
done with ubuntu/linux, so that users can have a personal share of the
1/2TB on the server, and be able to do all homework, and whatnot!!

And if somebody could jump aboard this with me to get it done.

Its in Houtbay, Capetown in the YMCA campgrounds. up payne street

David Bodmer

"Put your trust in the Lord and He will light your step"

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