[ubuntu-za] Home network implementations (Phase 1)

wayne plettpc at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 20:51:37 BST 2009

SecretCode wrote:
> Lee Sharp wrote:
>> Wikus Cornelius wrote:
>>> What we have at the moment:
>>> ADLS router and everyone is directly connected to the router.
>>> I am planning to implement the improvements in phases and I will post my 
>>> questions accordingly. I can only work on this over weekends.
>>> Questions for the first phase:
>>> 1. For a start I want to use the server only for routing with no 
>>> control. I have an idea how to do the routing (previous question on 
>>> Ubuntu-za), but it seems to be gone after a reboot. Which file do I have 
>>> to edit to add the routing configuration automatically when the server boot?
>> Do not roll your own.  It is very complex, and you will have a poor 
>> solution.  Instead, consider m0n0wall, pfsense, or Untangle.  These are 
>> fully built, mature, and tested firewalls+ that are all open source. 
>> (Untangle is open source with some closed source options)  If you use 
>> m0n0wall, you can use the captive portal to track bandwidth among each 
>> other.  It will keep hard feelings down.  If you use pfsense, you can 
>> include a proxy to reduce bandwidth directly.  If you use Untangle, the 
>> spam and web filters can drop bandwidth as well.  (Note that I am a dev 
>> on m0n0wall and Untangle, and pfsense is a fork of m0n0wall)
> I agree that a mature firewall "distro" is an essential part of the 
> solution Wikus ought to work towards.

I think the guys covered most of your other requirements, however for 
your Router/server simply install ubuntu(server),login via ssh and 
install webmin and use Linux firewall(Iptables) easy.
 From there, proxy traffic and as somebody suggested, use a static IP 
addresses under the windows machines and Mis-enter the gateway addy's.

This will give you a great platform, to add further admin-apps ,QOS, etc.
Have fun
Wayne A

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