[ubuntu-za] Home network implementations (Phase 1)

Wikus Cornelius wikusc at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 14:01:05 BST 2009

> Keep in mind that I am a big linux fan, and try to use it whenever and 
> where ever I can.  But in this case I do not think you are solving your 
> problem.  You could actually be making it worse.  Let me start by 
> defining what I think you problem is, and please correct me if I am wrong.
> 1) Bandwidth is unevenly shared, and payed for, with no accounting.
> 2) Bandwidth has gone up due to massive MS updates.
> By adding another OS to the mix, you will not remove the update 
> requirements of Windows, and will add the updates of Ubuntu.  You also 
> still have no accounting.
Your definition of the problem is definitely correct, but let me state 
my goals in order of priority:

1. I want to sharpen my Linux skills. I am a developer with limited 
networking skills. I thought that this would be a fun and low risk way 
to improve my Linux and networking skills. Just for interest sake: I 
have written a WiFi intruder detection app and a bandwidth/data 
monitoring app (in C using pcap library and other open source code) 
which I want to test and compare with other "commercial" apps doing the 
same thing on the server. What can I say, I am a bit of a geek  :-)
2. I want to automate a number of thing on the server using scripts. For 
example log when my line goes down, but I will do it at a later stage 
and post questions and do research  when I get there.
3. I want to introduce the other guys to Ubuntu. After a few months if 
they do not like it they can revert back to Windows.
4. It also gives us the opportunity to upgrade the management of our 
home network and hopefully optimize bandwidth usage.

I appreciate all the feedback.



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