[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu Beginner

Matthew French matthew at gillyweed.co.za
Sat Jun 20 17:46:02 BST 2009

On 20 Jun 2009, at 6:26 PM, Gareth McNaughton wrote:
> I have also tried to enter the command you show as no 1a.  This  
> gives me
> a new screen in what appears to be a text editor (GNU Nano 2.0.9) and
> that's it.  There is no file opened ready for editing at all.  I am
> getting the distinct impression that there are some files missing or I
> have not loaded them at the time of installation.

Hmmm - you are correct, nano is just a text editor. And if it displays  
nothing then the config file is not there.

Ah - drat. It looks like pppoe is not installed by default. I was  
assuming it would be.

You need to go into Synaptic and install the package called pppoe. The  
file should exist then. I will be very surprised if it is not on the  
install CD.

- Matthew

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