[ubuntu-za] CAN A VODAPONE 3G K3565 USB STICK BE USED WITH 8.04.02?

Vincent bullet at ballmail.co.za
Tue Jul 28 10:27:40 BST 2009

Mark Stockton wrote:
> My Kubuntu 904 works perfectly with my K3565 memory stick. What I did is
> download the vodaphone deb packages from the Spanish vodacom site and use dpkg
> to install. No hassles and works like a dream. 
> Let me know if you need further assistance. 
> Regards
> Mark
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> Subject: [ubuntu-za] CAN A VODAPONE 3G K3565 USB STICK BE USED WITH 8.04.02?
>> I'm hoping someone can help me. I recently purchased a Vodapone 
>> K3565 3G stick which obviously work just fine in XP, I'm running a 
>> dual boot system together with 8.04.02. I can't get the K3565 to 
>> work in Ubuntu & on doing a google I have come across a few posts 
>> where they say that 8.04 does not support broadband. Is this correct 
>> or is there a way around this? I was hoping to stay with 8.04 until 
>> the next LTS version came out, however if moving up to 9.04 will 
>> solve my problem, then so be it & if so, where can I get a copy of 
>> 9.04 in the Port Elizabeth area? Any help or advice would be appreciated.
>> Vincent
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Hi Mark,
I see you're using 9.04 which seems to work with no problems, maybe I 
should go that route, instead of struggling with 8.04.

I have downloaded, in an attempt to get 8.04 working, the 2 vodafone deb 
packages from the site kindly given to me by Garron & installed them but 
now the betavine installer sticks on the initial setup section & won't 
complete the setup process.

This is not the install process, which I did after downloading & was 
A drop down device selection box.asks for settings which I haven't a 
clue as to what they are.
The window has a grayed out area for Known Devices & shows "No Known 
Device Found"
Beneath this is the Custom Device Settings section & the only option 
available in this under Device Type is Serial & I can't change this as 
there are no other options.
Data Port Device is Blank as well as the Control Port Device, I don't 
know what should should be put in these.
Connection is set at115200, this is from setting up the dial up modem..

It would appear that betavine is waiting for information to be put in 
this box before it can complete the initial setup?

Hopefully you have ideas on getting things to work.

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