[ubuntu-za] CAN A VODAPONE 3G K3565 USB STICK BE USED WITH, 8.04.02?

Brenton Edgar Scott trixarian at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 17:49:43 BST 2009

I'm probably not the best to tell you this, but since I've used 8.10 and 
now 9.10 I noted that support for USB Bluetooth and 3G adapters has gone 
up since the prior releases.

There is a mobile broadband menu within Network Manager so it should be 
possible for you to setup your 3G device using it. If all else fails you 
can probably use one or the other dial up options to get you connected 
(wvdail, gnome-ppp or even ppp-config) and hack up a way to connect it. 
Others on this mailing list might be of more help. I personally hacked 
up my initial connection using my cellphone, usb cable and ppp-config 
then later switched to bluetooth and gnome-ppp.

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