[ubuntu-za] Vista dual boot problem

Wikus Cornelius wikusc at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 13:00:03 BST 2009


Just to give you some feedback on my previous email (Home network 
implementations (Phase 1)):
Apt-cacher-ng works great for me (like magic), thank you for the advice. 
I am still working on and researching ways to setup a proper 
routing/firewall server.

My new question:
One of the computers on our network runs Vista and I tried to install 
and dual boot Ubuntu Jaunty on it, but after the installation, when I 
select Vista from the boot screen the PC reboots. I have read on the web 
that Vista is one of the few operating system that writes file 
allocation information into the master boot record (I have no way to 
confirm this) and that this could cause problems with a dual boot. So is 
decides to reinstall Vista and Jaunty, each on its own hard drive in an 
attempt not to override the Vista MBR. The PC still reboots when I 
select Vista, but when I switch the boot order of the HDs in the BIOS 
Vista boots fine. I have googled it and although I could not really get 
a solution, it seems like a lot of people have similar problems. Is 
there anyone who can help me with this?  I have not changed the default 
GRUB settings made by the installer.



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