[ubuntu-za] moving thunderbird linux to windows

Bruno Mondego Marques bruno at tropical.co.mz
Wed Jul 15 12:38:56 BST 2009

>> well, the thing is, i didnt try and do that..
>> what i did, was i saved the profile folder...
>> formated the machine and instaled windows... i now HAVE to find a way to
>> put all the mails from linux thunderbird into windows thunderbird, using
>> that profile folder! =(
>> any ideas?
> Look at this site
> http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=195736&p=1124718
> which might help you in doing this.
> BTW, I once set up my system to share a profile between linux and
> windows so to collect email only once and share it across operating
> systems.
> vijay
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the link referenced in the site about how to solve this problem is "dead"
i think
i cant open it :S

Bruno Marques

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